Use of Hololens in the scientific laboratory and high biocontainment

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Hi - totally new to AR.

More of a practical question. We were considering the application of mixed reality in the scientific lab setting. With the Depth of Field sensors at the front of the device, I imagine that using the hololens behind a face shield would impede the overlay/augmented reality experience? A few images of our personal protective equipment in the lab setting below.

Even if we were not required to wear the additional respirator, would the HoloLens experience work while using a biosafety cabinet? ie. our hands would be inside the cabinet behind the glass. We would have to turn our head to the left or right to see projections outside of the cabinet. Would we be able to have a projection appear behind the glass as if it was on the inside/back wall of the cabinet?

Would hand recognition would be limited in the scenarios pictured below?






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hello. thanks for reaching out to us. can you open a Developer support case here ? we have partners that developed MR solutions for labs. in the end, it would really help if you can test some basic functions using that type of lab helmet.

HoloLens 2 is a general compute device. Except for units expressly marked by Microsoft, HoloLens is not intended to be integrated into machinery, used as a regulated medical device, or used in hazardous or specialized locations. and have more details on this.
Hi there, we have a HoloLens edition that is meant to be used in clean rooms. I'm not sure how it would work with the equipment above, but I know that others are using it in those environments.