Viva at Microsoft Inspire: Event guide
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Microsoft Inspire 2022 (July 19-20) is right around the corner. This is our largest partner event of the year, focused on the Microsoft Cloud, partner programs, and opportunities for you to grow your business in the year ahead. It’s open to all and has something for everyone.


It all kicks off with a 45-min keynote from Satya Nadella (Tuesday, July 19th at 8:30am PDT). From there, the news keeps flowing - announcements, best practices, and networking, networking, networking with people from inside and outside Redmond HQ.


Narrowing in on the Viva activity at Inspire – it’s primed and loaded with product announcements, partner guidance, program incentives, an updated workshop offering, (more of the above mentioned) networking, live Q&A with subject matter experts, and more.


This post IS The Viva guide to Inspire – filled with breakout and on-demand sessions (update: sessions now on-demand), new resources, and places to learn more about all things Microsoft Viva (plus one non-Viva session focused on the Visio business).


Microsoft Inspire - July 19-20, 2022 | Inspire - July 19-20, 2022 |

At any time, jump directly into the Microsoft Inspire site: (register, and start building your schedule from the Session catalog) + follow along and join in on all the Twitter action: @MSInspireUS, @MSPartner, and #MSInspire.


Guide to Microsoft Viva at Microsoft Inspire 2022

When companies invest in their people and in the employee experience, they directly impact engagement, customer satisfaction, retention, and profitability. Viva is an employee experience platform that empowers people and teams to be their best, from anywhere – combining communications, insights, knowledge, learning, and goals within the flow of everyday work. 


Viva launched with four modules – Viva Connections, Viva Insights, Viva Topics, and Viva Learning, all of which are available today. Recently, we announced a fifth module, Viva Goals, focused on Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), through our recent acquisition of (GA: Q3 CY 2022).


Microsoft Inspire will have the next level of information and partner programs  on Microsoft Viva - the employee experience platform. Learn more: Inspire will have the next level of information and partner programs on Microsoft Viva - the employee experience platform. Learn more:

During Inspire, we’re pleased to share new information, insights, and guidance to benefit both Microsoft partners and customers. And we want this to be a two-way discussion, during Inspire and throughout the year. Below, you’ll find a table to sessions unique to Inspire 2022 – with the goals (little “g”) being to enable a richer understanding of the employee platform Microsoft offers and the benefits of upleveling pre-deployment business discussions.


NOW ON-DEMAND | Microsoft Viva breakout, live, and on-demand sessions at Microsoft Inspire 2022 (July 19-20, 2022) + a session on Visio (not connected to Viva, simply managed by the same go-to-market team - here for visibility):




Date/time (PDT)



The digital imperative in hybrid work

Emily He and Colette Stallbaumer

7/19 | 9:30am
(w/live Q&A)



Enable digital employee experience with Microsoft Viva

Seth Patton and Angela Byers

7/19 | 12pm
(w/live Q&A)



Microsoft Viva Goals: Now generally available

Lucy Hitz and Ty Lingley

7/19 | 9am



Expand your Modern Work Business with Microsoft Viva

Katja Kol

7/18 | 9am

(pre-day, on-demand)



Microsoft Viva ATE

Andrea Lum, Katy Olmstead, Lucy Hitz, Michael Holste, John Mighell, ​Jack Elmore, Kevin Shively, and Mark Kashman (moderator)

7/19 | 1pm 



Viva Learning APIs public preview: How to leverage these connectors

Malabika Roy, Divyanka Malik, and Andrea Lum

7/19 | 9am



Visio - the future of diagramming in Microsoft 365

Mukul Kumar and Aakanksha Raj

7/19 | 9am



Making the business case for Microsoft Viva 

Katja Kol, Jack Elmore, Jill Hannemann, Jay Leask, and Mark Kashman (moderator)

7/20 | 11:30am 
(live only; By design, this session did not get recorded)



Final thoughts

This is the week of calm before the storm (for most ;)). I hope the above helps batten down your technical hatches in prep for a busy, engaging week of news, training, and engagement with fellow techies. Learn more about Viva Engage, Viva Goals (GA: August 1, 2022), Viva Sales, and new API opportunities with Viva Learning


Microsoft partners make more possible. We’re looking forward to connecting with the Microsoft partner community to learn from Microsoft leaders about priorities for the year ahead, celebrate achievements, and highlight new opportunities to develop and expand existing investments, by better connecting them together and by making them available in a more modern experience to you, your clients, and employees worldwide.


Beyond Inspire, stay informed about Microsoft Viva through our website, blog or with the help of your Microsoft account team. Take the employee experience assessment from The Josh Bersin Company to examine your organization’s EXP practices. And start planning for a successful rollout of Microsoft Viva with the help of Microsoft FastTrack.


See you there, Mark

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