UPDATE! Unblock Viva deployment and adoption in your organization
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UPDATE to the original blog post published on April 21, 2023.  


Microsoft Viva MVP-led Getting Started with Viva Series recordings and decks now available to all Microsoft Viva customers through Microsoft’s adoption site: https://adoption.microsoft.com/viva/getting-started-series 


Hosted by the NDA Viva Customer Connection Program, the Getting Started with Viva Series is a non-NDA effort led by Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professions (MVPs) who have expertise and experience unblocking and driving Viva deployment and adoption in organizations around the globe.  




These webinars contain actionable steps you can take in your organization to realize your goals with Microsoft Viva, whether you're focused on one particular Viva app or the entire Viva Suite.  


Microsoft MVPs are always happy to answer your questions during the webinar and provide additional resources through their own blogs, websites, and in the all-new Viva Public Community, which is open to all employee experience key stakeholders in your organization. 


Leverage this call series if you are: 

  1. Interested in understanding the Viva Suite ROI for your organization; 
  2. Curious about what a Viva app looks like in action; 
  3. Looking for tips and tricks on how to get key stakeholders excited about deploying a Viva app or the Suite; 
  4. Deploying a Viva app or the Viva Suite and want to identify steps you can take to make adoption exciting and easy for your employees. 


The MVP-led Getting Started with Viva Series runs weekly interactive webinars, at 7 AM Pacific Time.  


Check out the Viva Community Events calendar for upcoming Getting Started with Viva webinars and many additional awesome opportunities to learn more about Viva and engage with Microsoft Viva subject matter experts (SMEs) 


Register for the Getting Started with Viva Series next webinar: 

Analytics and Viva: Engage and Amplify | Getting Started with Viva Series 


Webinars are not under NDA. Webinars are recorded and will be shared in the Viva Community.  


In addition to the Getting Started with Viva Series, current Microsoft Viva customers, using at least one Viva app in their organization, are invited to join the Microsoft’s NDA Viva Customer Connection Program (VCCP), in which they will have exclusive opportunities to engage directly with Viva product teams across the Viva Suite throughout product planning and development, in 1:many calls and in depth engagements, including 1:1 interviews, private previews, early adopter programs, and more. Current Microsoft Viva customers may self-nominate into VCCP, here: https://aka.ms/NominateVivaCCP 


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