Do More with Less with Microsoft Viva
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Improve digital employee experiences to maximize business outcomes


Work is changing more than ever as organizations face economic uncertainty and realize the need for digital employee experiences to optimize business performance. When organizations do not invest in technology to provide tools and resources for employees to reach their full potential, customer experiences and business outcomes suffer. There is a strong correlation between employee experience and customer satisfaction – according to Gallup, organizations with high employee engagement through positive employee experience have an increase of 10% in customer loyalty.1


Do More with Less with Microsoft Viva -Four main business value pillars


Reduced Labor Costs


• Reduce hiring costs from improved employee retention

• Decrease onboarding costs and speed time-to-value

• Employee agility - fill skills gap by promoting internally

• Improve productivity with fewer meetings and better team alignment


Increased revenue through business transformation


• Boost the speed of product development

• Improve close rates

• Increase customer retention

• Increase collaboration, focus, and goal alignment


Enhanced Employee Engagement


• Improve employee wellbeing and productivity

• Improve customer satisfaction and experiences

• Increase profitability


Reduced IT admin, deployment, development, and other solution costs


• Simplify management on a single platform

• Reduce development and integration efforts


Resources for Do More with Less with Microsoft Viva


Microsoft provides tools for customers to understand how Microsoft Viva enables organizations to Do More with Less. Microsoft asked Forrester Consulting to perform a study on how the Microsoft Viva employee experience can help companies achieve better business outcomes. Read the 2022 The Total Economic Impact™ of Microsoft Viva study to learn how. The study found that a composite organization based on interviewed customers using Viva realized a three-year 327 percent return on investment (ROI) with payback in less than six months. The study details ways Viva can help organizations save time and money while improving business outcomes including:




Forrester created an animated video to highlight the major business value of Microsoft Viva:



Learn more:


Download The Total Economic Impact™ of Microsoft Viva study and the M365 blog 5 ways Microsoft Viva helps businesses save time and money now to learn more about the measurable impact Microsoft Viva can deliver for your employees and organization. Microsoft also offers a Viva Business Value Calculator to help determine customized benefits, cost savings, and ROI for each organization. Contact your Microsoft account team to inquire about Microsoft Viva.


1 Gallup's Q12® Employee Engagement Survey


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