Assess how your organization feels about Microsoft Copilot
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Assess how your organization feels about Microsoft Copilot


Today, AI tools are increasingly integrated into the workplace to enhance workforce productivity. With this transformational shift in how employees work, leaders need to understand their early investments in AI and the workforce adoption. With the Microsoft Copilot Dashboard, powered by Viva Insights, leaders can measure the impact of Microsoft Copilot by combining usage metrics from workplace pattern and sentiment data to enable IT and business leaders to plan their AI readiness, drive adoption, and measure their ROI.


New Microsoft Copilot Impact survey templates in Viva Pulse and Viva Glint


We are excited to announce the Microsoft Copilot template, now available in both Viva Pulse and Viva Glint! With these research-backed templates, leaders and IT admins can gain insight into how Copilot impacts their workforce. Access the Microsoft template in Viva Pulse here. Glint Admins can also access the Microsoft Copilot Impact survey template on Viva Glint, in the settings under the “Recurring” survey programs.


Employee feedback is a critical part of your Copilot rollout


By actively seeking feedback, organizations can proactively highlight the value of a new tool and address challenges that might otherwise go unnoticed. The Copilot Impact survey can help organizations better understand:

  • User insights: Copilot will likely be leveraged differently across employee roles. Gathering user feedback helps to refine implementations and ensure enablement efforts are aligned with the real-world needs of your workforce. 
  • Employee empowerment opportunities: Surveys help empower employees by giving them a voice to share their experiences. This empowerment fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility, which can lead to more active engagement with - and adoption of - AI technologies.
  • Copilot impact: Items in this survey help establish the overall impact of Copilot usage. The items show established relationships with Copilot use and general work patterns based on Microsoft research.
  • Success stories: Collecting feedback from employees on their use of Copilot early and often can uncover success stories, best practices, and tips to share across your organization. 


Viva Copilot Impact survey items fall into two categories:


  1. Core survey items – asks employees to reflect on the task or work-oriented benefits they experience from using Copilot. Survey results provide insights on how Copilot impacts employee experience and productivity.
  2. Additional survey items – evaluates the relevance of Copilot, organizational processes, and enablement practices to help leaders better understand how their rollout of Copilot is progressing and where additional support may be needed.


Looking ahead


The use and adoption of any new technology is neither linear nor static; its use likely fluctuates and evolves over time. Microsoft Copilot Impact surveys may be repeated throughout a longer implementation period to track changes in perceptions, identify emerging issues, and guide ongoing improvements in enabling employees to adopt Copilot into their day-to-day work.


With this in mind, Viva Pulse and Viva Glint will soon integrate into the Microsoft Copilot Dashboard, powered by Viva Insights, to provide a way for organizations to capture sentiment data and workplace patterns to measure the effectiveness and usage of Copilot and AI tools. Microsoft Copilot Dashboard will enable leaders and organizations to maximize the value of Copilot for Microsoft 365 with actionable insights for AI readiness, adoption, and usage.


Pulse survey enabled - crop 3 1.png

Copilot sentiment data from Viva Pulse and Viva Glint integration into Microsoft Copilot Dashboard will be available by CY24 Q2.


Viva Pulse enables leaders to send their own surveys to capture feedback quickly from their teams in off-cycle surveys as a complement to organization-led survey initiatives and requires minimal admin setup to get started. Leaders with access to Microsoft Copilot Dashboard can directly launch Pulse surveys to gain insights into how Copilot and AI tools impact their workforce.


Engage with our Viva Product teams to provide feedback and pilot our user experience


What questions does your organization have about measuring Copilot and AI tool’s effectiveness? Are you interested in engaging with us or providing feedback to inform the development of our Copilot impact survey and integrations into Microsoft Copilot Dashboard through Viva Pulse or Viva Glint? If yes, please contact your account team.

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