Announcing 5 New Cross-Suite Capabilities Coming to Microsoft Viva in 2024
Published Nov 15 2023 08:00 AM 4,611 Views

As Microsoft Viva continues to help organizations build engaged, productive workforces, we often get asked the question: “How do your apps work together?”

Building on our recent announcement of the Viva integration into Microsoft 365 Copilot, which will bring data and intelligence from across the Viva apps directly into Microsoft 365 Chat to provide new human capital management (HCM) related and employee-self-service experiences for business leaders, HR leaders, managers and employees, we want to highlight a few other ways you will see our Viva apps become even more connected in 2024.

1. Publish from Viva Amplify to Viva Engage

This new capability allows for publishing from Viva Amplify to Viva Engage. Within Amplify, you can draft, edit, and schedule the post to publish either to a community or to a leader’s storyline.




Content shared to Engage from Amplify will also be incorporated within reports in Viva Amplify. This will be available in private preview early CY2024.

2. View Goal Progress from Viva Goals in Viva Engage

In our latest feature release to keep goals and goal progress top-of-mind for every employee, Viva Goals and Viva Engage are announcing the first phase of our cross-suite integration.
The Viva Goals/Viva Engage integration brings mission, alignment and results into communities and conversation by helping customers build communities around goals, view goal progress from Viva Goals directly in Viva Engage.




1 (2).png


2 (2).png

See relevant Viva Goals in the right rail of the community.

This integration will be generally available in H1 2024.

To learn more, visit our blog post about all Viva Goals releases coming up, including Copilot in Viva Goals public preview and GA, and major enhancements to our Microsoft Planner integration.

3. Send your team a pulse from Viva Glint or Viva Insights

By integrating Viva Glint and Viva Pulse, managers can enhance the feedback culture in their teams by easily launching a pulse survey from Viva Glint to get feedback directly from their team results dashboard. Mangers and leaders can also request feedback from within Viva Insights, making it easy to gather feedback at any time to bring additional context to collaboration metrics.




Embedded Pulse_cross suite integrations.png


The initial private preview for this integration will start in January 2024.


4. Combine workplace analytics and employee feedback for a holistic understanding of the employee experience

The combination of workplace analytics from Viva Insights alongside employee feedback from Viva Glint provides leaders with a holistic understanding of the employee experience. Now, leaders can understand how employees feel vs how they work to improve engagement and performance.




In the example above you can see how after hours collaboration impacts employee sentiment related to engagement drivers like leadership, recognition, empowerment and more. These holistic insights provide deeper understanding into what impacts employee engagement.

We’re excited for this initial private preview release in December 2023 and expanded capabilities later in 2024.

5. Transform insights into action

Send a templated pulse survey from Viva Insights to better understand how to support your team with insights from onboarding to collaboration.




What other cross-suite capabilities are you interested in seeing on our roadmap? Let us know in the comments below!

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