To-do Task Reminders Not Always Working

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I love using Microsoft To-Do to set up tasks and routines, but often the reminders do not always work. Example: I have a routine set to remind me to give my puppies their morning snack everyday at 6:45. Some mornings, I get the reminder right on time, some mornings I get the reminder 5 or 10 minutes late, and other mornings I do not get a reminder at all, even though I can look at the task set up in To-Do and clearly see the reminder turned on. This happens with other tasks as well. Is there some way to correct this so that I get my reminders when I am supposed to? 

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@Melkizadech I'm experiencing the same issue.  I've also noticed this seems to happen most frequently with reminders for tasks which reside in other lists besides the default "Tasks" list.  The same behavior happens in the both the Android and Windows 10 app.

@rdifrancesco I still have not found an answer on how to correct it, but I'm glad to know that I am not the only one experiencing this issue. Have actually stopped using To-Do for the time being and started using Samsung Reminders. I like To-Do better, but not if I can't rely on my reminders working. Hopefully someone will figure out a solution!

@MelkizadechAnother behavior I just experienced today is that I have two tasks within the same task list, each with reoccurring reminders, one at 8:30am the other at 9am.  I only received the reminder for the 8:30am task.  Very bizarre and frustrating as I've been missing important reminders.

I am also facing the same problem. It seems this issue is still not resolved by Microsoft.

@Melkizadech  I have the same issue.  Really needs to get solved.

@RDriver123 @Melkizadech @ShahidIqbal One potential workaround that I've been testing is to delete and recreate the task.  I've done this a few times and in my limited testing it seems the reminders for the newly recreated task are triggering as expected.  Makes it seem as if a bug was introduced at some point and tasks with reminders created prior to the bug no longer function reliably.  Certainly not an ideal workaround.