To-do does not start while using Edge - only on Edge

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Hi there, we are trying to use Edge but for some reasons, it works with Chrome, IE and even EdgeBeta… We have the gears to-do logo, a bunch of callbacks and redirections and then a blank page…  We have this on every machine we tried it with… Must be something with our environment but what ?


thanks for any help

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I am having the exact same issue, only happening with Edge. Any help?

Same issue here. I've attached a screenshot. Chrome at the back, IE11 in the middle and Edge at the front.

I'm having the same issue - stopped working in edge a few weeks ago. It goes through the motions but nothing displays. Works in Chrome and on iOS App. 


I'm having the exact same issue also. It's very inconsistent as sometimes it works in Edge but majority of time it doesn't. IE11, Chrome & Windows app working OK. Started a couple of weeks ago.

Do any MS support people review these posts at all?