To-Do Deleting My Tasks Automatically

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To-Do the past few weeks has been randomly deleting random tasks or notes within tasks.  It is driving me crazy because I know i put something in and a few days later it is just "poof" gone!  I try deleting, re-adding, restoring from deleted but I have no idea why this is happening and I have lost so many notes or tasks.  Has anyone had this happen and have a solution?

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Yes I've had this annoying thing happen to me as well, mostly when I am copying text into the notes section of tasks. I've noticed that normal cut and paste functionality doesn't work well within the notes section. Sometimes I can paste text from another source into the notes section, only to find that it has disappeared five seconds later. I keep repasting it, and it keeps disappearing. Then at other times it works fine. It's the intermittent part that is most annoying. One possible Band-Aid solution that might have some use is based on my observation that the note section seems to prefer to have items added at the top of the notes section. I seem to have more problems when I paste text Midway through an existing note, and fewer problems when I simply add a note at the top of an existing note section. Not very elegant but it seems to reduce some of the annoyance and error factor. Hope this helps

@IKai2000 yes, also happening here when trying to add update notes to todos.  I hav tried varying the place in which the new part is pasted but with no success.  


Thanks for the tip thorugh, good to know it is not just me.  

Hey just FYI for you guys or anyone else that stumbles upon this. I think the issue is largely related to syncing. At least it was for me. Occasionally, Microsoft Todo will either get stuck in the syncing stage or otherwise fail to sync for days on end. This is especially likely if you leave the app open on your desktop for days on end like I do. 


Try killing the program and relaunching it. Go into your settings and make sure that you click the sync button there to ensure a sync has occurred. 


After this, your notes should stop getting partially deleted. I think something in the app was failing to update the note's internal model with what was changed in the UI. So when you would make two changes back-to-back, the second change ends up being applied to the ORIGINAL note instead of the note resulting from the first update.


Hope this helps! :^)