Tasks Reappear Every Day

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Hi everyone,


I have a handful of tasks (5-6) that reappear every day in my "Planned" view when I open To Do in my browser. I have to mark them all as "completed" every day to get them to go away. They aren't tasks that are set to "repeat," so I'm not sure why this is happening. They show up as "earlier" because the deadline for them was months ago, which is also when I first marked them as complete. I rely on the browser version because my work admin does not allow the software to be downloaded.




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I'm also experiencing this problem, it's really frustrating.
If I look in my desktop version of Outlook these tasks don't appear, but the desktop version is a terrible layout, so I use the online version and the tasks keep popping up here.

@pabadi I had dealing with this issue for a while now and I had just figured out a solution. IF Microsoft To-Do lets you open the details for the reappearing task, then open the task and remove the due date. I just tried it and the task disappeared and didn't reappear after I refreshed my page. However, I wasn't able to do this for one task because it wouldn't let me remove the due date, but so long as you are able to remove the due date from the task it should work.


Hope this helps!

Had the same issue for a week, cleaning the cache of the to-do page in Google Chrome solved the problem for me. Hope it helps @pabadi