Recovering deleted To-Do task - How?

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I accidentially just deleted one of my Microsoft To-Do tasks. I cannot see the trash bin. Is there any?

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Have you tried to look in the Outlook recycle bin?

Found it, thx :)

Hello Benedict


The below support documentation will give clear steps on how to recover a deleted To-Do from a list .


This documentation might be helpful for you and others in the future .


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Kiran Teja

the FAQ does not exist @Kiran Thalakokkula other than deleted items and recover from server what are the other options?

I can't find how to restore my deleted task either... any suggestions?


@Salvatore Biscari I am having the same problem. I deleted some of the text from a task in Microsoft To Do and can't get it back. I checked my outlook files and it isn't there. Can you recommend anything else?


@ereissman Did you ever find a solution for your issue?  I have the same one :(

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I found the deleted Tasks/list if I export all the To Do's from




After 2-4 days:-









After copying the missing Tasks/list to Tasks in my POP-connected O365 account in Outlook (desktop app), the restored Tasks/list still doesn’t reappear in MS To Do!!! AGH!

The support documentation you supplied is not found.
Sorry - I was not on the plattform for a long time. Thank you so much for your detailed help. :-).