Portfolio Life and Getting Things Done!

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Hi all, 


Been lurking in the background looking forward to the Tasks Pane in the Outlook Web App!


However, life is never that simple! I have a portfolio life, meaning I work embedded in 2-3 large enterprises at the same time, acting a program director on multi-party collabortions. So I have at least 2 O365 enterprise profiles at the same time. 


Currently using Teams and Planner across two orgs, and trying to get all my tasks into one place.


Have found the Flows for Planner and Microsoft To Do and can now get both O365s planner to send my assigned planner tasks to MS To Do (nice that you can dominate the MS To Do connector in the Flow)


However, still trying to work out how to get flagged emails from each O365 inbox into a single MS To Do task list, any ideas?





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Hi @Malcolm Fraser while we don't have a straightforward solution for you at the moment, we are very happy to say that we've just released multi-account support on Windows to Insiders. We are also working to support flagged emails as tasks. With multi-account and flagged email support, you'll be able to see all of your flagged emails from all your accounts in Microsoft To-Do. Thanks for bearing with us until we're able to roll this out. 


Keturah, this is seriously awesome! Using Microsoft To-Do across multiple accounts, being able to have access to multiple accounts would be soo dope. Thanks for the info. And also the news for flagged emails becoming tasks, that's awesome to hear - So excited! 


This app has seriously gotten so much better over the last year, excited to see the future! 


Thank you for the very kind words, @TrevorSean! We have loads more in store, so we're quite excited for the future as well! :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: