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I used to be able to move tasks that were assigned to me in Planner from the 'tasks assigned to me' section to any of my to do sub-lists.  It is now not allowing me to move them.  Has there been any setting changes or am I missing something?  Help please anyone!

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Hi @cshea1980,


It's not currently possible to move Planner tasks from Assigned to me list to your custom lists. You can only mark them as important or add to my day.

Hi @Matti_Paukkonen!


Would you know the reason it is not possible anymore? This was an awesome feature which allowed a very organized environment. Right now, all my tasks are unde the same list and it is not easy to differentiate the subjects. 


@Matti, how do we get this feature again? this was waaaaaaay too useful to be just forgotten.
I started using Microsoft To Do and I really like it, apart from the fact that I can't move tasks from 'assigned to me' to my own custom lists. I've been trying to google solutions, but based on this it is not possible. Sad to hear that this is a feature that was removed. Similar to rafaosmari, I too think that this is a feature that should not have been taken away from the users.