Multiple Priority Levels

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PLEASE ADD MULTIPLE PRIORITY LEVELS. Users that have come from Wunderlist, Todoist, etc. will be used to having 3 priority levels (high, medium, low) and will notice it is missing immediately. Multiple priority levels are important for days when you have 10 or 15+ tasks that need to be completed; sorting tasks by priority will help organize your heavier days. Also, it seems odd to me that tasks scheduled for today aren't automatically added to the "My Day" list? This would be a great addition to go hand-in-hand with multiple priority levels because you could go to "My Day" to only see tasks due that day, then sort by priority.

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Multiple priority levels urgently needed! Is there a "official" feature request? Thanks!
I agree 100%, when is this feature going to be included? Prioritization capability is a must-have feature for any todo list application