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I used to have ~100 tasks in my To-Do application these days. As of yesterday, they have been reduced to ~50. Multiple tasks disappeared from various lists (the lists are all intact).


I rely on To-Do a lot and that's why I have it on 2 Windows PCs, 3 iOS devices and 1 Android. All are synced to the ~50 baseline, which as of yesterday, since to be my as-is in Microsoft's servers.


All 6 applications (in all 3 different platforms), are on To-Do version 2.55 (latest one as we speak today). Of course I have uninstalled/re-installed, log-out/in, and changed passwords to my Office 365 account several times, with no effect.


When I visited the web app, to check the situation, my tasks were not deleted (i.e. reduced from ~100 to ~50), but I noticed, that these ~100 tasks, were not exactly my latest update (i.e. I have seen tasks here and there that I have recently closed, or changed that were not reflected in the web app). But at least the heavy reduction from ~100 to ~50 was not done (some hope there). But when I signed out and signed it again (always in the web app), then I saw all these tasks disappearing from here as well.


So now, all 6 apps (Windows, iOS and Android), plus the web app, are ALL SYNCHORNIZED to this ~50 tasks baseline, which as of yesterday, seems to be my new as-is in Microsoft's servers. The disappeared messages are not in deleted tasks folder of Office365/Outlook, etc. They are totally gone.


Can anyone support me, or suggest something to me ?

Thank you! 

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@Viterbi - just chiming in to say I am experiencing a similar issue. Although what's happening for me is that I have 606 tasks on my iphone but just 498 on my computer, despite both being logged in to the same account and supposedly synced. This is frustrating - I put tasks on my to do list so I won't have to remember them, it's very bad when they disappear from there. 

Thanks @jensulewski! Yes, I heavily rely on this app as well. Both for my personal and professional life. I start thinking that I have to try to put back all my lost tasks (as far as I can remember, which will be tough), but then again, I now feel exposed to the risk of this happening again.

Oh my! Same! I'm having this issue and it is frustrating and disappointing.
What's annoying is, the application signs me out and when I sign back in, a lot of my tasks vanished. I just can't find them. And this has happened more than once.
I hoped it would sync better, but same. I've now had enough!

Finding alternatives!
I experience the same problem. All my tasks are disappeared. They're also not visible on the web- app too.
-Updated to-do app - relogged in still no success.
Funnily enough , the automatic email i got from microsoft about this issue landed microsoft outlooks spam folder.Even Microsoft's own emails go to junk folder on outlook / hotmail.
I am back to my previous to-do app "things".
What seems like my entire to do content has disappeared! I was never able to sync to other device so don’t have my lists anywhere but in my phone. When I had to change my ms password the other day to get teams on my laptop, later that eve I checked TO DO on my phone and what looked like a new and empty account was there! Does anyone know if I back up my phone to a back up before the loss, will that restore my old to do content? Really devastated by this :frowning_face:
Today I lost all of my tasks from the last 7 days! I realized that my desktop was no longer syncing with my phone, which was concerning. I then started by signing in and out of my phone, and deleting the app. This did not help. I signed in online and realized that web app was synced with my phone, which was not syncing with my desktop over the last 7+ days. I finally deleted the desktop app and signed back in, and it synced with everything else - which means I lost over 7 days of tasks! My whole to do list is now over a week behind, which is crucial as I rely on it heavily throughout my day! How can I locate and restore the data from my desktop application?
Yes, lost mine as well. Was forced to re-sign in and now nothing. I can seem to get at an old list if I use the web version, which is even more bizarre. If you can't trust a company to hold onto something as simple as a To Do list.... hmm

Same happened to me.  I'm searching for a solution and found nothing.  Wanted to export the tasks that still remain and that seems not to work.  How I miss wonderlist.  Didn't the founder say he was working on a revival?  This is bad.

Same issue- has anyone had any luck with tech support? Supposedly they have their own tech support team, but I haven't heard back from them yet.
Same problem! Twice this week I have had task disappear!! Anyone heard of another program to use? Unacceptable.

@Beetleh help! I have 10 years worth of notes (from wunderlist days) that all just vanished, when it forced logged me out (bc I have a new work Teams account). I’m in a panic. My whole life is in there. Any ideas? 

Shouldn’t Microsoft have a copy of our data somewhere? This shouldn’t be local to our devices..
help! I have 10 years worth of notes (from wunderlist days) that all just vanished, when it forced logged me out (bc I have a new work Teams account). I’m in a panic. My whole life is in there. Any ideas?

My whole life revolves around To Do tasks - I have 100s of tasks, some were storing reference info from 10+ years ago (started with Wunderlist) - and suddenly 2 days ago, they ALL disappeared - from my iPhone, Windows 11 desktop and from To Do online. My lists still exist, as do my completed tasks (um, you have my permission to delete those if your servers are full ;-)), but no active tasks. I'm trying to stay out of panic mode, but there's no way I could even begin to recreate this content. I HAVE to believe that MS has all of this content backed up on mirrored servers somewhere and I'll eventually get it back.

I found To Do support under Office365 support and chatted with them. I was told there is an ongoing bridge in progress to solve this known issue and that they are migrating data to new servers. I'm HOPING this will eventually lead to a full data recovery for all of us!

@Chris98070 My loss was SO long ago now I fear it’s gone! How do we find out when problem solved if ever?!

@Emma-Althaus I wish I knew. I guess just periodically contact support. How long ago did you lose your data?

I suspect that Outlook functionality is related to the loss of my tasks from To Do. I created new lists in To Do after hundreds of old tasks suddenly disappeared (call me crazy) and noticed today that Outlook is showing my tasks from the To Do app under the To-Do Bar. I don't believe Outlook previously showed my To Do app tasks and I suspect some new functionality in Outlook wiped out my old tasks. Either way, thanks a lot, Microsoft, for losing years of my work. Pretty unbelievable in the age of mirrored servers. 

Same thing happened to me too. Lost all tasks, from phone, desktop, and web app. Don't see them deleted either. It happened first time about 2 moths ago. I recreated the list from memory. it happened again two days ago. Now I don't see the point in re-creating the list because is it will happen again. I was using the app to help manage my life. Now that trust is replaced with doubt. Shouldn't there be a backup somewhere, or some way to retrieve it?