Microsoft To Do recurring notifications is simply not a feature

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This is more of a heartfelt cry rather than a question or a help request. 

The MS To Do is by far the only one option of a simplistic to-do scheduler app that won't overwhelm you with other useless and cumbersome additional features. Everything else is either too complicated or just plain out old (in terms of outdated notification approach or visually).

But MS To Do as of now is not an app you can rely on and utilize (at least on windows OS). 
What I mostly used it for is creating a recurrent notifications to remind me to log time after work or, say, to create and submit a report by the end of the day. Ordinary stuff. 
And even though it is a declared (and arguably a primary) feature of the app it is not something you get when using MS To Do. 

Recurring notifications are BROKEN. 

- The reminder itself will very often be left behind when you mark your todays task and a new one is created for tomorrow. (The new task is created with no issues, but the reminder with its time and date stays in the past, hence, it will not work). And that happens like, VERY OFTEN. Im talking like 2-3 time a week often. 
- Sometimes the notification will not go off whatsoever.

- Sometimes the notification will not go off AND the reminder's date and time will not be updated once you mark your task as done. 

I cannot wrap my head around how would MS team work on new 'fancy' features like smart due date recognition and voice input etc. when your primary functionality is blatantly full of bugs and unusable. 

Im am done with MS To Do, it is a broken untested app no one should put his/her hands on until it is fixed. This is not something a normal person would call customer ready product. 


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