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Hi All! I'm just coming off a very unorganized year (aren't we all?) and searcing for ways to improve my productivity at work. I had been using Todoist before in a limited capacity when I found the Microsoft To Do app. Firstly, I don't think this app is chatted up enough as part of the Office 365 app options because this would have been a wonderful thing to know about before i even went searching for something.


For my feature request I have four:

1) It would be great if you could offer templates (similar to Todoist) that you can "import". I have a few over there I was working on, Deep Work and GTD Weekly Review, it would be a fantastic support for those starting out to offer a variety of templates to help users get started (other than the "getting started" list)


2) Please add Tags and/or Categories. I know things are in lists, but some of my lists my cross topics and would be good to be able to search for tags.


3) I know that the My Day feature is available in OWA. I have difficulty using it due to a vision perception thing and not being able to change the view to be more like my desktop app. The feature that specifically I'm reqeusting is the ability to sync or schedule my tasks to a specific calendar in Outlook. Like I said, I know I can technically drag and drop "tasks" in the desktop app but it's not terrible intuitive or clean. If To Dos had the option to "schedule on XYZ Calendar" and choose a set start time, duration, etc that would help me with Time Blocking. I'm currently doing this in a more elaborate process that would be SUPER fantastic if it were integrated. (PS there isn't a flow for this in Power Automate, I already checked :( )


4) Integrate with MS Teams / Sharepoint for shared lists inside a Team/Sharepoint group that can notify a distro and/or members of assignments when they are added and update the shared list with only the parts pertinent to them while they have a task.


Thanks for all your help, and honestly I do wish more folks knew about this app so that we could get the word out and make it as awesome as it can be.

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