Feature request: Add to My Day (Tomorrow)

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I love the Add to My Day feature. I love that it disappears when the day is done. It's fantastic. But it only works for that day. I believe there is evidence that setting up a daily list the night before is more effective for productivity.


I would like to request a feature for Microsoft To Do:  Add to My Day (Tomorrow). This would be just like Add to My Day, except that the item would appear as already added to my day when tomorrow arrives. That's it. 


This is different from setting a due date of tomorrow. It's just putting it on tomorrow's My Day list. It may or not be due, but it's on the list.

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This is actually very smart. I was trying to plan my day for tomorrow in the app and this would be the perfect way. Hope it's selected and implemented soon :raising_hands:
Yes, the biggest pain with all the modern ms task tools is tomorrow... my day is gr8, but if we could have a 'My Tomorrow' would be a big help. Like you can with a pen and diary....
Also... there is very poor forward schedule planning capacity, just a huge mountain of tasks dated in the future, with no good easy picture of what that really looks like, so that we can schedule properly.
Yes! It would be so nice at the end of the day to make a priority list for tomorrow and have it auto populate into My Day in the morning (and a setting where it populates to on monday if you don't work weekends.)

@gtuckerkelloggI totally agree this functionality will help in my productivity.


Today I was wondering if I could add something to My Day (Tomorrow), but after finding out I cannot my day was ruined and my disappointment was immeasurable. 

I need this feature in my life. I came here to request this exact same thing

This is great, exactly what I'm looking for. Every day I'm thinking about this and actually create notes what to add to my day tomorrow, really bothersome process. This feat would help tremendously @gtuckerkellogg 

This would definitely be a great feature for time management and planning.
I came here to say exactly the same. My Day Tomorrow would be a perfect feature.
Like others...this is needed. Please add this functionality. You have created the best To Do application out there and this would just make it better. Please do this. Thank you.
Push!!! Neeeeeed this function!!
Same for me, when the day starts it is too often too late to stop and plan what's next, so for me it would be more efficient to take a few minutes at the end of a day to prepare the next day.
I have my reminder setup every day at 0:05 so I can add items to my day. This is completely retarded.

@gtuckerkellogg I like the suggestion and I can see where it would help to not only plan for today but tomorrow as well. Great suggestion

 This is a Great suggestion, to plan your days ahead.

To do app "My day"
When will it possible to choose whether I want to plan the following day (My day) the day before or on the morning? One of the time management rules I teach in my courses is to plan the next day at the end of the current work day in order to know what to come back to the next day.

@gtuckerkellogg Workaround: use today for the task(s), the next day go to suggestions,  mark the tasks from yesterday with today. Seems inconvenient, but in practice it's not that bad.

This. Every morning, go to My Day and review the Suggestions panel that pops up automatically. All your undone My Day tasks from the day before show up there. Simply click the plus icon to add them back to your My Day again.


No this does not solve the issue - which is to be able to forward, plan tomorrow, plan the next 3 days, next week, next fortnight etc.

That is the real problem with this system It is good in every other way - but there is no forward planning capacity

Old sharepoint task lists and even old Dairy systems, easy to plan forward. That's what made them gr8.

@Dr_Snooze thanks for your reply but this does not solve the problem if you want to plan "my day" one day in advance.