Excessive memory usage when using To-do on all platforms

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I was using the Windows desktop application (Office 365 Business account) today and noticed my computer started to slow down and the fan had begun to run loudly. I opened up Task Manager and noticed the To-do application was using 95% of my computer's memory. I closed the application and my computer returned to normal. I restarted my computer and still had the same issue on restart. Before closing the app I was able to see that the Planned category was creating thousands (over 4,000 when I exited) of tasks on it's own. I have a several reoccurring tasks, but definitely not more than 100. *EDIT: I was just able to get back into the app and it appears to be one flagged email that is replicating in that category, which in turn is replicating in my planned category.


Since this is where I keep my running list of my work life, I tried the web app and proceeded to have a similar issue with To-do creating excessive amounts of memory usage while it was open.


My next step was to try the IOS app and after about a minute with the app open, my phone will restart itself.

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This sounds really strange!! I would contact Microsoft since they aren’t in here that often
That's good to know. I have also sent the in-app support group an email also


Your webapp has a serious memory leak...

please fix that, I cannot use it and I am forced to switch from wunderlist :\



@Benoom  On a Office 365 Mac OsX platform, Microsoft TO DO appears to have a memory hole....comparable or worse than reported for Windows. Activity monitor shows it chewing up 100% of active memory. Ultimately, it has crashed the system. Apple Tier2 support has observed the issue and stated that it is a Microsoft problem. They recommended To Do be removed as an application. As this problem is now over a year old, there MUST be a solution...somewhere?