Email notifications when a new TO DO task is assigned to me?

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I just started using Microsoft To Do as a shared task manager with my team and we created a shared list of tasks so we can all be on the same page.


However, I'm trying to figure out if it's possible for team members to receive an EMAIL notification when a there is a new task assigned to them.


I did turn on notifications for "shared list activity" but I'm not receiving any notifications or emails.


Any insight would be much appreciated!

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@SionSemah I don't think this is available in To Do as a standalone. 


If you're working in a Team, I'd suggest you use Planner instead. This will mean that the overall Plan is saved centrally and you can also get notifications for assigned tasks:



Another option would be to use a task list Loop component. These integrate with To Do/Planner and also give you email notifications. These can be used across emails, meetings etc: Manage your tasks from Loop Task lists and Collaborative notes in Planner and To Do - Microsoft Supp...