Completing an old daily recurring todo -- I want to advance due date to tomorrow

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I'm migrating from a home grown system to MS Todo in order to be compliant with work expectations. This simply works differently from my old system, and I'm trying to make it work with my workflows. I love the access on a phone app that is accepted by my employer.


I'm looking for a workaround for this:


If I need to perform a daily task, and miss it for a few days, I have to manually check it complete multiple times until it shows tomorrow's date.


A trivial example: if I want to check my snail mail box every weekday, and I go on vacation for a week,  I don't need to check it five times -- it is it caught up with one check. Todo makes me continue to click until it has advanced into the future.


Is there a better way to set this up?

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There is 7 requests for this feature, all have the same requirement, all quite old, all just a slightly different way of asking for it. But same subject / feature at the bottom of it.

If Microsoft combined these into one - the number of views, likes and replies would add up to a very high number of votes.


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These are all requests from people who are struggling to be able to forward plan with To-Do & Planner software system


@SPRex I agree that those request are very similar. However, things have a changed a bit. I'm running version 2.93.6831.0 today, and one of the updates between that post and today provided this functionality. Clumsy, but there.


When I click on a recurring past due task today, it gives me the option to "skip to the current task."


So if I want to check this off and set the due date to the future on a daily recurring task, I click on skip then check it off. Not bad.


But that messes with my muscle memory and forces me to pay attention. For example, if it is a weekly recurring task, that is past due two days, and I click skip and then done, I have now checked off the next weekly occurrence as well.


It would have been cleaner to provide the option to check off all recurring instances today and prior. This would allow one click and a consistent process.


Regardless, you can't make everyone happy, and my employer forces me to use this is I want a todo app. I'm making it work.