Assign Task Reminders to Assigned Individuals

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Currently, To-Do allows you to assign a new task to someone in your shared list. It is great! However, I notice that whenever I assign a task to someone I would have to contact them (via email or text, or phone call) to confirm they have completed the task. I think it would be a very nice feature to have the option to assign task reminders for workers or others to complete the task they are assigned instead of just being given the task. I understand that when a task is assigned you can manually input a reminder for yourself once assigned. However, more times than not, you often forget, therefore, when given a reminder from your boss or manager you are able to be reminded by the app. This would eliminate the need to have your boss remind you to complete the task. 

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Agree 100%.  This is also good for families that share a list.  Assigning a task to a teenager without a reminder is useless.  They will not willingly open the app to check todo’s without prompting.  At that point the app is basically useless. 

@LeoLen2250 Do you know if this feature is enabled on Microsoft To-Do yet? I noticed a similar issue in that when I set reminders for tasks assigned to my coworkers on a shared list, they do not receive reminders or due dates. So I have to remind them manually. Is there an option with To-Do where set reminders and to-do dates will populate on the assigned person's To-do list (e.g. in their My Day view)?

Microsoft, the inability to set a reminder for the assigned individual is the main thing preventing me from requiring my team (and my family!) to use To Do.  Please add this!  Without it, it's just adding to *my* To Do list.