An Oscars To Do List

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This is kind of silly, but my wife and I watch as many Oscar movies as possible.  To make tracking it easier a few years ago I created a Power Automate Flow that would populate a To Do list for me to make tracking it easier.

The Flow reads from an Excel workbook that I store in my OneDrive for Business and that has a table with the list of nominations.  It then reads each one (I sort it in reverse order of nominations before I run it), and then creates a To Do entry for each one with the Due Date of the Oscars and with the Notes filled with the nominations it received.  The Title is the Movie name and the number of nominations.  I hope this provides you with a little fun to watch more Oscar movies.

The Flow and the Excel workbook are located at:!AiwePtdMwDAHmKVUTrrTXOebB-wovw?e=bOfiUK

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