Current Microsoft To Do integration with Google Assistant

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Hello folks,


I've been trying to research on the net how to integrate Microsoft Todo with the voice activation component of Google assistant.


There is a article called "Using Ok Google with Microsoft To Do"



But it would seem that in more recent times that this is no longer the case based on other feedback on the net.


If this is still the case is there a better explanation as pawing at the phone screen does not suggest there are any options to change this with.


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Unfortunately it appears that this never really worked, at least for the past few years.
There is possibly a way to do it using Zappier, but really MS should just allow integration with either IFTTT (just like Wunderlist) or google assistant directly.

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This link is no longer valid
IFTTT now works with To Do, so problem solved.

Kindly share some tutorials/examples for the IFTTT 

Here's where you can create an IFTTT applet with MS To-Do and Google Assistant.

Hi @Agrimgrover 

Sorry - Christmas break. 

You need to sign up for IFTTT which is free, and then link your google assistant account and also your ms todo account. (FYI, I did all of that on the app, but you can also do it online.)

There is a built in app, but I didn't feel that it worked the way I wanted to exactly, so what I did was create an applet

IF : say a phrase with a text ingredient, and put in "add $ to my grocery list" (avoid shopping list as google sometimes adds it to your google shopping list). 

Then under what I wanted the assistant to say back was "added $ to your grocery list"


THEN: Create task in task list

Select your list uner "which task list"

Then under task title, select the "TextField" by selecting insert ingredients. 

For some reason you need a task body, so I just put in "created from Google Assistant" but you could put in anything. That will be stored as a note under you task. 

Then that's it!

It takes about 20 to 60 seconds for the item to appear on your MS todo app. 


Finally! Back to adding items via voice on google assistant. :D 

Great contribution with (Feb 2022) over 5000 views. Let's make this a feature request and let's get Microsoft to work on integration in an upcoming release.

The APIs are there to allow Google Assistant to both add tasks, read back tasks, and perhaps include in a routine (bedtime: add tasks for tomorrow, morning: read My Day tasks).
How do we make it a feature request? I looked into IFTTT and it seems like its free version isn't very good any more. I'd really just love it if Microsoft and Google could work together on this




Tried this too, but instead the description of the food as title, in Microsoft To-Do list I see only {{TextField}}.

Tried also to write {{TextField}} in the Task Body and there it works correctly.


Someone has the same issue?

Kind regards.



same issue - in the body my google assistant "recorded" text is stored, but not in the Title of the Task. peculiar

@Raoul Dobal thanks for sharing your experience with us. 

I change my question... Someone has the solution to fix it? :grinning_face: 


Don't worry, the free version is adequate for this applet. :)


Here is exactly how I have my applet done. 




Unfortunately, this will no longer work due to “platform changes”.

@Animental the integration still works and I can **bleep** tasks, but can only manage to add tasks with the time that the event is triggered or with the scene name, so not really useful.


Any other thoughts from anyone on what I might be missing?