New Diagnostic: Teams Call Forwarding
Published Feb 05 2021 10:45 AM 9,474 Views

Hi Teams Community,

Our team has just released a new diagnostic, Teams Call Forwarding.


If you or your users are having issues with Call Forwarding in Teams, this Diagnostic is for you.  We check the most common causes of Call Forwarding issues in Teams including User Provisioning, Policies, Licensing, and forwarding configuration.  


As always you can call the diagnostic directly in your M365 Admin Portal by typing in Diag: Teams Call Forwarding in the Support experience (Need Help, or Support - New service request) as in the following example: 


 Here's an example from my test tenant where I do not have the user configured for calling:


The diagnostic checks the most common causes for Call Forwarding issues that we know of, so if you or one of your users is having an issue getting call forwarding to work, including SimRing - give this Diagnostic a try.


As always, we're constantly working on new diagnostics and expanding our existing ones; for a full list, click here.  


Questions?  Comments?  Please post below and we'll happily follow up!



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