Teams Public preview ctrl+f missing

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On current pre version, ctrl+f to find something in the current chat is missing.

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Yes, and this is a major problem for my daily activities... Did anybody find a workaround?
Thank you,
Same for me this is a Feature I use so often. I really like the new Teams but without the ctrl+f I can't use it
This is also a deal breaker for me on the new version. I use this feature daily.
This is the second important feature missing (the other being the second ringer). I find myself switching between both Teams versions several times per day, but using the released version most of the time.

@elcuevero Mindboggling that MS would release a "new teams" without such a critical feature. Still not working end of August 2023.

@Tobias Beer @elcuevero  - Thanks for sharing the feedback.

This feature is available now in public preview. Can you please validate and confirm?

Thanks for your patience.

Unfortunately still not working in Teams when I switch to the latest updated "new teams" version: You have Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 18.08.2023.

Hello @Tobias Beer - Do you have the same issue in Teams web client?

Also, let us know the Teams client last update date and the version number? 

For version an date, see last comment. In the web version CTRL+F seems to work ...after a 2nd attempt, once the browser page search is dismissed.
Thanks for the update. So, it seems web version is working fine.
Can you please confirm if you are still facing issue with desktop version?
As reported, after clicking the slider top-left "try the new teams" in Desktop CTRL+F: It's not working. Yes.

Neither is the input field modified as it is on web or the legacy version, nor does it search in the current scope (chat or channel).
This works as of last Friday, it opens a sidebar to the right
Thanks for the confirmation @DirkReul!
Happy to help. I really wish they would be more transparent about when features are available and HOW they are implemented so we can find them.