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According to

  • Search in chats and channels

should be available now. While the normal search is working.  I cannot use CTRL+F which I would expect by now to work again to search only in this one Channel or Chat. 


Does this work for anyone else? 

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@DirkReul Hey, unfortunately commands aren't available in the New Microsoft Teams (yet?) so CTRL+F won't work.


CTRL+F is a shortcut to the /find command. 


You can use CTRL+E to move to the search bar but it will search across Teams, not just the chat/channel you're on.

@HelloBenTeoh Thanks, which is what I feared. Keyboard Shortcuts are not on the list of features to be added and frankly, searching in one channel / chat is important. This will definitely hinder adaptation in my organisation. I appreciate the confirmation and will keep my eyes open for the next update. 

This is now supposedly available, but is in fact, not available:

I waited for a week, still no way to use keyboard shortcuts like CTRL+F to search in Chats in the New Teams

@DirkReul Ha! A soon as I saw that update, I thought of this conversation. I was VERY close to posting that link here too. But it doesn't work for me either :( At least we know it's on their radar.

I also thought of your reply :)
Ah well, maybe we need to wait more. I will send this as feedback via the app too. What is odd, that the "What is new" Page for Teams (July) is not listed on the Blog Posts page where the other updates are posted.

Correction, this is now available. 

The UI just sneakily opens a sidebar to the right. 

When you use CTRL+F -> 



@DirkReul Thanks for the update - works for me too!