Now in public preview: Pop out shared content into a separate window



Microsoft Teams now supports the ability to pop out shared content (shared screen, PowerPoint Live and Whiteboard) into a separate window while in meetings.




Flighting status

Available to everyone in Public Preview channel.

How to enable

To pop out content from meeting stage and use more monitors/screens during meetings:

  1. Join a Teams meeting from a Teams desktop client (Windows or Mac) as an attendee or presenter .
  2. When content (shared screen, PowerPoint Live or Whiteboard) is shared by another presenter in the meeting, click the "Pop out" button in the meeting toolbar to pop out the content into a separate window. 
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  4. You can pop in the window with shared content by closing it (by pressing "X" button). When the presenter stops sharing content, you can also click on "Dismiss" button which appears below a message in the pop out window informing you that content sharing has ended.


Note 1: If you need information about enabling the public preview itself, see “Enable the public preview for Teams” below.

Note 2: To be able to use this feature, users need to be in Public Preview. Users not in Public Preview will not be able to pop out shared content into a separate window.







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Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer












Known issues




Known limitations

Majority of modern devices with medium and high-end hardware will support popping out content into a shared window while in meetings. As Microsoft continues to fine tune the experience, there may be more support in the future for other types of devices with less performant hardware. Also, we will list the specific supported hardware configuration at GA.


Enable your Teams client for the public preview 


  1. First, IT admins need to set an update policy that turns on Show preview features. Learn how at Public preview in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs.  
  2. Users then choose to join the public preview individually. Learn how at Get early access to new Teams features - Office Support ( 


Send us your feedback 

Got feedback on features in the public preview or other areas of Teams? Let us know straight from Teams via Help Give feedback This is on the bottom left of the your client.


Thank you,

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6 Replies

Hi, I was hoping this "Pop Out" view would let me combine with the "Always on Top" functionality from PowerToys to create a Picture-in-Picture view for Teams. Unfortunately whilst close the Pop Out window has a lot of buffer around it making the PiP too large.


Is there any plan to slim down the Pop Out view? Ideally it would have nothing more than the screensharing window shown, no extra bars etc.

@Kaushal Mehta (LYNC)

"Majority of modern devices with medium and high-end hardware will support popping out content into a shared window while in meetings."

What is defined as a "Modern Device with medium and high-end hardware"? Any specifics around hardware specs?

I agree. Maybe being able to hit "f" or Alt+Enter for full screen or having a windowed-borderless option. Not only would this facilitate a picture-in-picture style mode when combined with PowerToys "Always on Top", but it also means that in conference rooms and other areas that one can make the presentation full screen, much like if a PowerPoint Presentation was running locally.


Along those lines, it would also be nice if when NOT using the pop-out that the "Full screen" option in a Teams call made the presentation content full screen. Right now, the meeting controls pin to the top of the screen and participants pin to the side.

Is this feature on the roadmap? I've looked, but couldn't find it on
When you say "Also, we will list the specific supported hardware configuration at GA", what does "GA" mean? My computer is a Lenovo ThinkPad T540P and it doesn't support the pop out feature.

@Kaushal Mehta (LYNC)

when should we expect the "Pop out" functionality to be generally available?  (not in preview).  thanks