Now in public preview: Mac Native Notifications Support



We are happy to share Teams now supports MacOS native notifications. Users can choose their preferred means of notifications delivery, either via the Teams built-in or the macOS native OS.

With native notifications support Teams inherits OS notifications settings and supports quiet hours, action center triaging and more native features.


Flighting status

Available to all Preview users with Teams client version and above


OS requirement

MacOS 10.15 or later


How to enable

Teams client settings > Notifications > Notification style

Change your notifications style in Teams - Office Support (

Note: If you need information about enabling the public preview itself, see “Enable the public preview for Teams” below.


Supported clients and platforms

Windows 10









Internet Explorer



Mac OS 10.15 and later










Known issues


If you experience any issues please let us know

Help > Give Feedback


Known limitations

This feature is not supported on macOS 10.14 or lower


What you need to do to prepare

  • When this feature is shipped the default setting is Teams built-in. So, the user would not experience any change in their toast notifications when the feature becomes available. Only when the users change their notification style setting would they be able to experience the macOS native notifications functionality.
  • This is a user level setting available per user.
  • This setting is respected across all macOS desktop clients (supported versions) the user is logged into


Enable your Teams client for the public preview 


  1. First, IT admins need to set an update policy that turns on Show preview features. Learn how at Public preview in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs.  
  2. Users then choose to join the public preview individually. See Get early access to new Teams features - Office Support ( for instructions. 


Summary of public preview features

For a history of features in the Office and Teams public previews, see Release Notes Current Channel (Preview) - Office release notes | Microsoft Docs.



Send us your feedback 

Got feedback on features in the public preview or other areas of Teams? Let us know directly from Teams client via Help Give feedback 


Thank you,

Preview Team, Tushar Pathak

Quality & Customer Obsession, Microsoft Teams

16 Replies
Why did y'all only do chat notifications? Incoming phone calls still use the Teams notifications, which means that if I have any Mac notifications on my screen, the phone number of the caller is not visible. Same with meeting start notifications. Those still appear underneath native notifications.

@Jason Tenpenny I'm with you. I don't honestly understand how something so simple can be so difficult to implement. I have notifications/reminders that stay on screen almost constantly and answering a call is such a pain because it shows up behind the native notifications. So close Microsoft...but so so far away...

Chat notifications is a good start, but this should really be expanded to all notifications for a uniform experience. Incoming calls or meeting notifications which are hidden below native Mac notifications is a real issue. In the short term, is it possible to move the native Teams notification window location elsewhere (top left?) so that it does not clash with the MacOS native notification placement?
This is very exciting! I use Teams at work and preview features are not enabled as per company policy. When do we expect this preview feature to become generally available?
I have this public preview installed, but "Notification style" is not in the notifications settings. Actually nothing seems to have changed there. I do have the right build though.
Same, this does not show for me either. Mac 11.2.3.

@foliveira @JeanVis Can you check with your IT team if they have enabled preview policy on your accounts? Unless the policy permits notification style selection may not be available
Please refer to this link to enable preview policy
Public preview in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

Native MacOS Teams notifications use the default tri-tone notification sound. This is a bit much for messages. As other apps have done, please change this sound to the same teams notification sound used in non-native notifications.

Call notifications are still not native. Please make these native as well. Custom notifications (which are really just titlebar-less windows) cannot appear over a fullscreen app (including teams itself) so calls are missed and they do not go to the MacOS notification center. Native notifications can appear over these fullscreen apps. Please make call notifications native.
100% agree. It needs to be consistent. Teams custom notifications underneath native notifications, looks pretty bad.

Close but no cigar.


Incoming call notifications is where this feature will make the difference

I don't understand wha delay something so simple!
For God's sake, I can't take any more notifications from Teams not accepting my do not disturb period which is set on the Mac.
Please release this functionality!!!

"We are happy to share Teams now supports MacOS native notifications"

But it doesn't. It's just chat notifications, not calls. What?

"Known limitations"

... that it's not for calls/video which is... the entire point of the feature? Sigh.
Yeah, this is still a garbage implementation. All notifications should be supported, and we need an option for persistence. A notification that disappears on its own is not useful in a desktop situation.
Hey everyone I created another uservoice request to extend the native functionality to calls and meetings. Please vote!
It's pretty pathetic that this hasn't been implemented for call notifications as well.