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With live components, you’re now able to send a message that everyone in your chat can edit inline—and see changes instantly. It’s a new way to ideate, create, and make decisions together while holding fewer meetings and minimizing the need for long chat threads.  


UPDATE 11th Nov 2021: Live components is the first feature of the Microsoft Loop app to become available in Teams.

Please note that "Live components" will be renamed "Loop components" in early 2022.


  • Get tasks done faster together. Crowd-source an agenda, track a group's action items, or take notes collectively. These are just a few scenarios made easier with live components. 
  • Co-create content. Send a paragraph to coauthor a proposal, a table to jointly collect information for a presentation, or a bulleted list to brainstorm ideas. Others can edit the content right inside your chat message, and you can easily see who changed what.   
  • Share components. In this release, you can share live components into different Teams chats. Recipients can edit from wherever they are and see updates instantly no matter where the changes were made. In future releases, live components will be supported in Teams meeting notes and channels, Outlook, and eventually throughout Microsoft 365, for seamless collaboration across applications. 
  • Start in chat, build from there. Every component you create in Teams chat is automatically saved to a file in OneDrive. So, you might begin collaborating in chat then later move to the file, where you have a larger visual space for editing and can add as many components as you like. 


Note: At this time, you can create live components in Teams chat messages; channel posts are not supported yet. 


Demonstration of editing a list live component in a chatDemonstration of editing a list live component in a chat


Flighting status

Available to everyone in public preview


How to enable

Admin control doc on how to enable/disable live component - Manage live components in Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

End user doc on how to use the live component in chat - Send a live component in Teams chat (


Note 1: All the users should be in public preview to use this feature effectively. Feature entry point is only visible to public preview user. If a public preview user creates and share live component with general ring user then that user will only see a link to the component.

Note 2: If you need information about enabling the public preview itself, see “Enable the public preview for Teams” section below

Scenarios to try 

  1. Create and send a live component in chat   
  2. Co-edit a live component with other chat members  
  3. Copy a component in another chat and continue editing 
  4. View and edit the file on 


Supported clients and platforms

Windows 10









Internet Explorer













iOS: Version 3.17.0 (2021173001) or greater

Android: Version 1416/ or greater


Known issues

  1. Live components in chat cannot be edited via Office app when using Teams on Android.
  2. If tenant default file sharing permissions are set to Specific people, and the sender removes some users from the Specific people list in the permissions dialog when creating a component, those users may still have access to the content. This issue is due to the access management limitation of the permission dialog and will be fixed in the future release.
  3. If tenant's Conditional Access Policy settings prevent client network to connect to, live components will not work as expected for saving real time changes to the service.

Known limitations

  1. Searching for live components in Teams search will return a link to the component in, not the chat message itself.
  2. Live components are disabled in federated chats.
  3. B2B guests will not be able to collaborate on live component that is shared with them via Company Share Link unless tenant sets external access option to allow B2B guests have same access level as tenant members
  4. Teams Web client full support of live components will be available soon.
  5. Live components are not supported in Teams channels yet, but their inline editing in channels is planned for more experiences in the future.
  6. With tenant default file permissions set to Specific people, copying link to live component and pasting in another chat requires the sender to use permissions dialog and add the recipients in Specific people option to grant access properly.
  7. With tenant default file permissions set to Specific people, creating a live component in group chat with more than 20 members will require the sender to manually select the permission options for the component.
  8. Live component in chat will not load only if file was moved to different library. If file is moved to different folder then it will continue to load in chat.


How to check tenant’s default file permissions?


Sign-in to the SharePoint Admin Center (go to the M365 Admin Center, then use the left navigation to find other admin centers). Select Policies > Sharing > Under ‘Files and folder links’.




Enable your Teams client for the public preview 


  1. First, IT admins need to set an update policy that turns on Show preview features. Learn how at Public preview in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs.  
  2. Users then choose to join the public preview individually. See Get early access to new Teams features - Office Support ( for instructions. 

Summary of public preview features

For a history of features in the Office and Teams public previews, see Release Notes Current Channel (Preview) - Office release notes | Microsoft Docs.


Send us your feedback 

Got feedback on features in the public preview or other areas of Teams? Let us know straight from Teams via This is on the bottom left of the your client.




Thank you,

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2 Replies
Can you clarify the IOS support for live components. Am I suppose to be able to edit a live component in my Teams client?


Hi Kendal,


I'm going to say Yes, because I was able to edit a chat in Teams on my iPhone last night. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised that it worked on my phone already.


Now they just need to add the rest of the components they promoted, like Voting.