Now in Public preview & Targeted release: Enhancements for Delegation in Teams Phone


We’re excited to share that Microsoft Teams Public Preview users can now customize call options for delegators and delegates for Teams calls. 

Enhancements for Delegation in Teams Phone

You can choose a delegate to answer your calls in Microsoft Teams. This is particularly helpful if you have an administrative assistant who regularly handles your Teams calls or you will be away on vacation and want to have one of your colleagues answer calls on your behalf.  

We have added the following enhancements for delegates: 

  • Easily switch between different phone lines 
  • Join active calls (barge) for delegators and delegates 
  • Control permissions of call resume and join active call 
  • View call History for delegators and delegates for calls made or received

How it works

Set up delegation

  1.  In the upper right, go to the  menu (Settings and more), and then Settings > General.
  2. In the Delegation  section, select the  Manage delegates button. 
  3. On the Your delegates tab, select an existing delegate or add one. 
  4. Select the Join active calls check box and select the Add button.

NOTE: The Join active call check box is cleared by default for delegates. 



Set up call answering rules

  1. Select the Back to settings link, and then select the Calls  tab.  
  2. Under the Call answering rules, select one of the following options: 
    • Set Calls ring me to Also ring, and then select My delegates in the Also ring dropdown menu. 
    • Select Forward my calls  to set Forward my calls, and then select My delegates in the Forward to dropdown menu. 


Scenarios to try

As a delegator

View and join active calls handled by a delegate.  


As a delegate

  • See all managers’ lines on the top bar and switch easily between lines. 
  • Delegates can view their fellow delegates, if any, for that delegate. 
  • If permitted, join active calls on the manager’s line. 
  • View call history per manager line for calls made or received by you, as a delegate, on behalf of your manager.  


To learn more about delegation in Microsoft Teams, visit  Shared line appearance in Microsoft Teams – Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn and Share a phone line with a delegate – Microsoft Support. 

Known Limitations

Both managers and delegates must have a Phone System license with PSTN connectivity (Calling Plan, Operator Connect, or Direct Routing). 

For details on license requirements and limitations, see


To use this feature, users need to be members of the Teams Public Preview and use the Windows or macOS Teams client. Other users aren’t required to be members of the Teams Public Preview.  

To enable your Teams client for the Public Preview, IT admins need to set an update policy that turns on  Show preview features. Learn how at Public preview in Microsoft Teams.  

  • If the  Follow Office Preview option is selected, it automatically enables Teams Public Preview features for any user enrolled in Office Current Channel (Preview). There aren’t any more actions required by the end user.  
  • If the  Enabled option is selected, the end user must also opt in to Teams public preview  in their Teams app to get access to Teams Public Preview features.  
  • If the  Forced option is selected, it automatically enables Teams Public Preview for the end user. There aren’t any more actions required by the end user.  


We want to hear from you! Click Help > Give feedback to send us your thoughts about this feature. This feedback menu is located in the bottom-left corner of your Teams client. 





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