Now in Public preview & Targeted release: Collaborative meeting notes in Teams meetings


We’re excited to share that Microsoft Teams Public Preview users can now use collaborative meeting notes.


Collaborative meeting notes in Teams meetings


Microsoft Teams is dedicated to offering features that make meetings more efficient. With Collaborative notes, meeting attendees can work together to create agendas, take notes, and generate action items.


Loop components allow you to collaborate right inside a chat message in Microsoft Teams. Using the Collaborative notes Loop component, you can collaborate with others and keep everyone updated as notes as synchronized across all devices. Also note tasks assigned using Collaborative notes are automatically synchronized with To Do and Planner, providing an efficient way to manage tasks and streamline workflows.


How it works


Schedule a meeting from Teams and include an agenda

To add a recurring, standing agenda to all meeting instances while scheduling in Teams, at the bottom of the form, click the Add an agenda everyone can edit option.


1 Collaborative meeting notes.png


Join a Teams meeting and collaborate on meeting notes

  1. Click the Notes button in the toolbar.
  2. In the Meeting notes pane, you can create an agenda in real time, or review the agenda if one has already been provided. You can also take notes and track tasks. 



When you’re assigned a task during the meeting, you’ll also be sent an email notification and the task is automatically synchronized with Planner and To Do.


Follow up after a meeting

All your Collaborative notes are Loop components that can easily be shared from your meeting across Microsoft 365 like in Team chats and Outlook. The notes stay in sync as changes are made across apps. This fall, the integration of Loop components with OneNote will enable you to seamlessly incorporate your Collaborative notes into your OneNote notebooks. You’ll have the freedom to continue editing these notes within OneNote, helping you consolidate your meeting notes in a single, centralized notebook.


To view your notes, click the filename you want in Teams.


3 Collaborative meeting notes.png


You can go to Microsoft 365 and search for the relevant meeting name to view your notes.


4 Collaborative meeting notes.png


Review tasks assigned to you

All your assigned tasks are available in the Tasks app in Teams, as well as Planner and To Do, providing a consolidated view of your tasks.


To view all your tasks or open Collaborative notes, in the Planner or To Do, click the Assigned to me option.


5 Collaborative meeting notes.png


Known issues 


  • External and guest participants can’t access meeting notes before or during the meeting. 
  • If you @mention a user while editing Collaborative notes on Microsoft 365, you’ll need to give access to users using the Share and notify  
  • You might see an error message: 
    • If you join a meeting with over 100 attendees. 
    • If you are an attendee of over 300 meetings that include tasks. 

NOTE: We have removed the previous Teams meeting notes solution. You can still download your previous wiki notes locally. Participants who didn’t create the notes may need to be granted access by the meeting creator. 


Known limitations 


  • Teams doesn’t support channel meetings, ad hoc Meet Now meetings, and 1:1 calls. 
  • Mobile clients are not yet supported—this is coming soon. Please follow the status on the roadmap for item 128652 
  • If the meeting owner is using a mailbox stored on an on-premise Exchange server, Collaborative notes can’t be added to the meeting at the time of scheduling. To add Collaborative notes, the meeting owner will need to first send the meeting invite, and then later add Collaborative notes. 




To be able to use this feature, users need to be members of the Teams Public Preview and use the Windows, macOS or web (Edge, Chrome) Teams client. Other meeting participants are not required to be members of the Teams Public Preview. 


To enable your Teams client for the Public Preview, IT admins need to set an update policy that turns on Show preview features. Learn how at Public preview in Microsoft Teams


  • If the Follow Office Preview option is selected, it automatically enables Teams Public Preview features for any user enrolled in Office Current Channel (Preview). There are no more actions required by the end user. 
  • If the Enabled option is selected, the end user must also opt in to Teams public preview in their Teams app to get access to Teams Public Preview features. 
  • If the Forced option is selected, it automatically enables Teams Public Preview for the end user. There are no more actions required by the end user. 

Loop components are on by default if you’re running Teams Public Preview builds. As an IT Admin, you can disable them using this information: Manage Loop experiences (Loop app and Loop components) in SharePoint – SharePoint in Microsoft 365 |... 




We want to hear from you! Click Help > Give feedback to send us your thoughts about this feature. This feedback menu is located in the bottom-left corner of your Teams client.image6.png

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@Emily Kirby Excellent. The integration with To Do and Planner is ace.


"NOTE: We have removed the previous Teams meeting notes solution. You can still download your previous wiki notes locally. Participants who didn’t create the notes may need to be granted access by the meeting creator. "


Do you have instructions on how to download the wiki notes locally?

It's so good to finally see the integration between Loop components and To Do and Planner. My only worry is that you'll move this feature into Teams premium. But overall, yay!



In my company, some people were using the old meeting notes version. Is there a way to restore the previous notations ( I mean only the notations) ? Is there a place where they can find it?



@Emily Kirby 

I LOVE this feature, It’s easy to see this is going to save millions of hours of wasted time, due to having a collaborative structure and workflow in context of you (recurring) meetings.



You can look at your sharepoint site and copy the wiki content to a OneNote

@hbunkradt Hey, turns out there's an option to download the .mht file when you open the meeting. 


But to your point, would you know where the Wiki content for meetings is stored?

@Herbert_Kepler does anyone know where the "previous notes" are now located?

Hi @MichaelVuyk


We found some meeting notes using the address  https://"your domain here" . 

Following up, I searched in "all archives" option for "*.mht"




I hope it can help!


It's unfortunate it doesn't work in Channels. Our tenant has retention dialed down to 2 months, so only meetings we have outside of a channel are either "off-the-record" or introductions - ie. no notes or to-dos. Any project-related meetings are held in a channel...

@Emily Kirby 

"Teams doesn’t support channel meetings" is there an item on the roadmap for this? We are heavily invested in Teams channel meetings and really want to leverage this feature without rescheduling a year of meetings to be non-channel meetings to utilize it.

@Emily Kirbyhow about if you don't take something away that people are using and substitute a "public preview" that we aren't seeing on our site? We were using meeting notes extensively and now we can't take notes at all, inside of Teams. SUPER annoying.


When is this going to be rolled into the standard feature set?

@Emily Kirby 

Your article indicates that this is only in "Public Preview" but we have Preview Features turned off for all of our users and this function is available. So, I think this is in general availability now. Which brings me to the biggest issue for us:

"Known issues: External and guest participants can’t access meeting notes before or during the meeting."

I'm shocked that you all would roll out a "Collaborative" Meeting Notes function that isn't accessible by *everyone* in the meeting! This really isn't okay. The new "Collaborative Meeting Notes" are less collaborative than they were before. These features are all welcomed when they include everyone, but shouldn't leave the Insiders or Public Preview channel until they work for everyone! And, when you roll out half-baked features and they "don't work," you miss opportunities for user adoption, especially when the user is embarrassed on a call with an external partner. You actually erode their trust in Microsoft products. I've already had multiple users raise this to me and I've suggested that they use OneNote since we cannot rely on Loop or Teams product developers to resolve these issues in a timely manner.

How do I get access to this on a EDU tenant?

Meeting Notes disappeared but wasn't replaced with anything. I'm on the preview release channel

You have Microsoft Teams version 23320.3021.2567.4799(preview).
You've got the latest version. It was last updated on 11/12/2023.
The client version is 49/23111630008.


I have got the same issues of Maltavius. We are and EDU tenant too...!!! is there any news  on when this new features to use meeting note via LOOP Componets will be back in services?

Since this was annouced on 14Jun2023 already  8 months are gone and we are very struggling with the end users...!!


Please  @Emily Kirby  can you be so kind to give some good news about it?

many thanks

This is my user experience....I'm EA user, but whe i create a new meeting  there is no options for new loop collaborative meeting note... se bellow screen shoot.