Microsoft Teams Public Preview indicator “P” on avatar


Microsoft Teams Public Preview channel allows customers to easily preview and evaluate pre-release Teams features before they roll out to the rest of their company. There are no program requirements or commitments. This is an opt-in channel controlled via IT admin policy.

Users who are in the Public Preview channel of Teams will now notice a “P” next to their profile picture/avatar as shown in the image below indicating that they are in in Public Preview channel of Teams.




To learn more about Teams Public Preview and how to set/update the preview policy, please refer Public preview in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


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Nice addition, thanks for that. Now I don't need to make extra click everytime I change account or reboot comp to now whether the Public Preview is activated.
Nice, but what does the indicator "MS" stand for?
Seriously, it doesn't stand for Microsoft, does it? That makes no sense and I can't find any documentation that explains the MS designation. Thanks.
Hi, it does. It’s Microsofts so called ”ring”. I get the MS for ex. when switching to their tenant as a guest user.