Issue with Planner within Teams Preview Channel Tabs

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Is anyone else experiencing this error when trying to access Planner from a channel tab? 

Teams Planner error.png

"Error loading user settings. Please try again. If this continues please contact customer support."


Has anyone found a way to get around this? 


From testing, the error doesn't come up when accessing Planner directly from the Tasks by Planner app. It's only happening when trying to access Planner from a channel tab. 
This also doesn't happen when accessing the tab from the regular desktop or online versions of Teams, just with the preview. 

My device has been restarted multiple times, and the app is up to date. I've quit it and restarted the app just to make sure. If there are any other troubleshooting steps that you've found helped please let me know.

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@JessieG16 we have been having this issue too. List view works, just not Board.



Also, when anyone clicks a link to a task inside a channel tab (one that starts as opposed to, they get a message to say this is not yet supported in new Teams....