What's new in Microsoft Teams (free) | March 2023
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New features in Teams (free) on desktop and web


Improvements for app badging (Windows 11)

You won’t miss anything now that we have improved the way new content is shown in Windows 11 Chat and Teams on Windows 11. When you see the little red dot on taskbar, you will find something new in the app. It might even be information about new features under the three dots menu in the top right-hand corner as ‘What’s new’ when using Windows 11 Chat.


Shared videos now playing in communities

When somebody shares a video in a community, it now plays beautifully inline within the community.


Inviting people to meetings via SMS

When scheduling a new meeting in Teams (free) on Windows 11, you can now just put a phone number as a recipient, and they will receive a meeting invite via SMS including a meeting link to join the meeting. Learn more about scheduling meetings in Teams (free)


High fives all around (Windows 11)

Using the (highfive) emoji is fun and it has recently become even more fun. You can try this with your contacts, and you will see something cool in Teams (free) on Windows 11. Learn more about available emojis in Teams (free)


New features in Teams (free) on mobile


Easier sharing to communities

It’s now easier to share content to communities using the native sharing options on your mobile phone. When you want to share something, your recent communities are shown, and you can just pick one to share the content to.


Safeguards in communities

Your communities are now protected by safeguards against potentially harmful or malicious content. Automated mechanisms will remove such content and will leave behind just a placeholder indicating removed content.


Acceptance for community invites

When a community owner invites you to their community, you will now see the invite in the app and can then decide whether to accept it.


How to send feedback and suggestions?

We are always happy to receive feedback and suggestions to make our product even better. To participate in our feedback program and help us in our endeavor, please follow the steps below:

You can also sign up for a user panel, to get opportunities to connect directly with the product team, and help make Teams (free) better. Learn more

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