We had a problem starting your recording

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 I continue to get the We had a problem starting your recording message even though I am doing the right steps. 

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@JJRivera thanks for posting. A colleague of mine is seeing that error after just a few seconds, a sentence or two into a recording. Oddly, she's recording "Your entire screen" even though the instructions that show with the error (see screenshot attached) suggest that mode. She's running Stream in Edge on one screen and using a couple of Edge and Chrome windows full-screen (F11) on the screen being recorded. She got the error dozens of times yesterday, though did make three recordings several minutes long. Internet connection is solid at the office. Trying again at home today.

Yes, that is the exact issue I am having. I have tried in Chrome and Edge. My internet speed test came back super fast. It allows you to record a sentence then error pops up. When I try to get my IT department to review it allows me to record my videos. It is an intermittent issue in my case.
Also experiencing the same issue