Stream Storage in SharePoint and Versioning

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As Stream moves to store content in SharePoint, will anything be done to address versioning and storage? We have document libraries with videos in them where users have updated the metadata. In one case, a 1.6GB file had 5 metadata changes, each resulting in an additional 1.6GB of storage consumed.  With versioning being defaulted to 100 versions and no option to not have versioning, this will be an issue for numerous companies.  A video library without versioning would be a workaround, but losing context of the related content isn't great. Any updates on this moving forward would be appreciated.

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indeed, we actually ran into problems with the versioning of videos

a 5600MB file grew to 7,7GB storage with just a few manipulations

a 4,6GB file grew to 31GB storage in less then a day


and as deleting versions can only be done file by file, this could become a fulltime job


this issue needs to be solved

Let me check in with the the SharePoint team on this. I believe they were going to be working on some changes to help in this area but I don't know the latest or what their current plans are at this time.
I just talked with the SharePoint team working in this area. They are indeed investigating ways to reduce the impact of lower-value version changes on the storage quota. However, they don't yet have a publicly available plan to share. They appreciated your feedback and said it's helpful to drive their solution and that they'll publish more information when their plan is ready.

Hi @Marc Mroz  is there any news or progress made made on "ways to reduce the impact of lower-value version changes on the storage quota"