Stream license needed for Stream on ODSP?

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Hi all, 


I'm trying to find out if the Stream license (in our case the feature "Microsoft Stream for Office 365 E5" in license "Office 365 E5") is needed for anything at all in the new Stream platform based on SharePoint and OneDrive. I looked everywhere and even asked Microsoft Support, but can't get a clear answer. 


Basically I just want to remove the license from a bunch of users. This way I'd prevent them from using Stream (classic) since we don't want to use that platform anymore. But on the other hand I don't want to deny our users any current and possibly new features within the new Stream by not assigning the license. Can anyone provide some insights? 


Thanks in advance for any ideas. 

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Nope! The existing Stream license is not used for Stream on SharePoint. At this point in time we have no plans to use that going forward. You just need license to SharePoint as all videos are stored in SharePoint and onedrive in the new system.

You can de license your users from Stream classic!
Thank you!

@MarcelDeVries - Sooo... Based on your question I pushed a little further on our engineering team and did a test myself of disabling the Stream license for a user. It turns out that the upcoming setting to allow you to change the Stream tile to point to does still require the Stream license. I was wrong. 


I'm working with our engineering team to determine if we want to keep it that way or ignore the Stream license when you have the Stream tile pointing at 


However, it's only the Stream tile in the app launcher that's looking at the existing Stream license. None of our other code is and we don't have plans for it to. So I was sort of right on my original answer. 

Hi Marc, thanks for your addition. I'm interested in how this will be rolled out. Maybe it's possible to configure the Stream tile to automatically redirect users without the license to with the ability for admins to override using the upcoming setting?
We are still trying to figure this out. We need a bit more time to figure out how we will address this. We might end up making a new license for Stream (on SharePoint) that only controls if the tile shows up or not, so we can leave the existing license tied to Stream (classic). Thanks for helping us find this issue before we deployed.
Any news perhaps?
We are going to make a new license for Stream (on SharePoint) and use it to hair control the tile. It will take us many months before this license is available. The license should be in all licenses that have SharePoint.