Stream audio cuts out after 5 seconds

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I've recorded 4 different videos using the record screen feature in Stream (SP) and it doesn't matter what browser I use for playback, the audio cuts at 5 seconds. I downloaded the video file and it plays fine from my desktop but if I upload it back to OneDrive, the audio stops in the same spot during playback.

Frustration is mounting :facepalm:


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What is the video file type? Asking because I had a client who had a similar issue and when she converted the file to an MP4, that solved the problem.


That was what I discovered as well. Stream (SP) natively records in WEBM. When I downloaded, converted, and uploaded, the issue was resolved.

Which begs the question - why would Stream record in a format it won't play?

I was hoping to eliminate the upload step I was dealing with when using another recording tool. Using Stream seemed so much more convenient since I could record, store, and share all from the same place. So now my options are record in Stream - download - convert - upload.... OR record in another tool - upload.


The choice is easy, but one I shouldn't have to make. Thanks for the reply Karen!! Hopefully others experiencing this will find this and have their answer!

Seeing this here I'll be sure to bring this up on the next Stream product team office hours call. Hopefully they are working on this right now. The interesting part of this is that it doesn't happen to everyone all the time. So one has to wonder what else in a tenant or with the hardware/software a user is running could cause this.

Are you working on a Mac by any chance? I have seen people using iOS have other issues also and I wonder if it may have something to do with that.
No Mac here! Strictly PC - and it doesn't matter what browser I used either. If they could just give the user the option to choose the format, it would be nice.