Simple Video Edit features - Cannot trim anymore

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We have been using Stream Classic for a while.
We did appreciate the feature to trim 10 or 20 seconds from a Teams Video Presentation using Stream Classic.
Now when in the Stream for SharePoint pages, the words ' edit ' or ' trim ' are missing.
I would be really grateful not to need to open Adobe Premiere just to trim my Microsoft Videos.
Alternatively, I could use VLC but I would like to stay in the cloud and not have to download video locally just to clean up a meeting video twice a week.

Has anyone found a valid or logical explanation as to why MS would remove a feature that was working fine?
When there is not another 'simple' Microsoft Video trim edit tool ?

Trim a video in Microsoft Stream (Classic) - Microsoft Stream | Microsoft Learn

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Not a reply but the same request - we also need this feature (trim a video) asap. I could trim the Videos from my Meetings with our specialists and offer them as tutorials. This week our company has ONLY Stream (SharePoint) version no possibilities to use classic.
@microsoft Stream Team: could you please give an aswer to this topic: When is that feature going to be made available. This feature is very important and very helpful.
Also backing you up here this is poor. I have a meeting that someone left running too long and someone stayed in the meeting all I want to do is chop that off and I have to download it and use another tool. Then upload it back to share point.

@microsoft please fix this!
@microsoft I second this. It is becoming burdensome not having a trim feature on the new Stream (On Sharepoint) Please come up with something.