Rolled out to Worldwide - Generate or upload captions / transcripts to any video in M365


As of last night, we rolled out to 100% of worldwide the ability to generate (in English) or upload (in VTT format in any language) captions and transcripts for any video file in uploaded to OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, or Yammer. 




For more information see the help document on how to use this new feature in M365... 



(GCC, GCC-H, and DoD regions will come later, see roadmap items:

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So glad to finally see this feature! We're one step closer to feature parity with Stream "classic" :)

The hyperlink in the blog doesn't appear to be working though, can you check that?
Sorry fixed my typo in the support help doc link.

@Marc Mroz will it be possible for a user to change the default transtript langue in the Teams settings?

When we add support for other languages to transcribe a video in SharePoint the user will have to pick what language the video is in. And we are also working on automatic transcribing without clicking a button. I need to check how they are going to pick the right language to transcribe to or how a default will be applied.

But for a Teams meeting live transcript you need to ask the Teams folks if they are going to add a default language instead of making you change it each time. I haven’t heard the latest on that sorry.

Lots of people voting on this idea and a few others Teams should consolidate into this idea:
I am currently getting error messages on all of my Streams for the auto-transcript. The error states: We're unable to generate a transcript or captions for this file. Check the file and replace it if needed.

Are you working on a fix for this?