Roadmap for streaming, embed code and more

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I need to make decisions about Stream (on Sharepoint) adoptions, an I have some questions.
Current documentation ( states that video streaming is not fully consistent, based on video size and bitrate. I uploaded a video with 80Mbps bitrate, that should be too high for online viewing, but I was able to play it. So I wonder if there are other documented limit that was actually removed, in particular for low bitrate (I'm worried about codec compatibility with devices).
Moreover, features such as the button for generating embed code are expected, but I didn't find them in the offical roadmap. Is there any way to have more details about what is coming and when?
Thank you!

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Let me ask the playback team to update that part of our documentation as we have been investing tons of improvements there so there are more and more cases where we stream the video instead of progressive playback.

We are working on a button to get embed code and making the embed code do the right things for authentication and login.

We are trying to only put things on the public roadmap when we are more confident in the starting rollout date, so as to minimize moving dates.

The page you linked to has a giant spreadsheet where we list a bit more information if a feature is underdevelopment even though it’s not in the public roadmap with a date.

We also have our office hours every 2 weeks you can join and ask us direct questions.