Recorded Stream (on SharePoint) File Format

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When recording a video from the Stream (on SharePoint) we've notice the only file type is available for export, "webm." This is posing serious obstacles for our users as we are on Windows 10 and have VERY locked down machines. No one aside from specific IT specialists in our organization have desktop apps capable of converting or working with the files. Additionally, we strive to not have users go rogue using cloud apps able to convert these files. I really wish the ability to download mp4 was the default.  Its pretty sad when the PowerPoint web app can't even read the webm files...

I really hope Microsoft provides a better solution or changes the ability from the admin center of what file format is exported by default. 

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webm is kind of a standard for recordings rendered via web browser. Other similar services also render in webm.

Teams Meetings render to mp4. If what you're trying to do is a screen recording, you could always schedule a Teams Meeting with yourself, share your screen into the meeting and record it.
Yeah, I've identified that as a workaround, but when 80,000 users in our organization see the record / screen record from Stream (on SharePoint), they're going to expect a more compatible and flexible output file. Honestly, I'd turn off this functionality if I could for the time being.