New Stream 'Playlist' template in Microsoft Lists

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The recent SharePoint blog, Use Playlists to create collections of video or audio files in Microsoft 365, introduced Playlists - a new and simple way to curate and share video or audio collections within Microsoft 365. 

In the article, you can learn how Playlists can be created directly from Microsoft Stream or via Lists creation across Office, SharePoint and Lists. It also highlights how it can be used to create an organized collection of podcasts, training videos, product demo videos, Teams meeting recordings, or other audio/video content.


What types of playlists will you create for your organization or community?




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Microsoft really needs to work on a way for videos in those playlists to inherit the permissions of the playlist settings. This was SO much easier to do in Stream Classic, and I just feel in general that Stream Sharepoint is getting far more complicated for the K12 sector. This move has sent all of my team's plans for developing summer professional development into a tailspin as we step back and try to manage our dozens of videos' permissions to enable us to even re-use content from last year.
The Stream Playlist thing is SO DYSFUNCTIONAL.

1 - Playlist card MUST carry over TITLE and ABOUT information from original upload (without hours of copy/paste).
2 - A "Playlist" MUST HAVE a mechanism for reordering items within the list (without creating a new column and managing playlist position numerically in the background - Sheesh!)
3 - The Playlist should also display its own "description" info beneath the playlist title.

Have these guys ever used a Playlist in any other platform? These things are basic. I just spent HOURS getting a 12 clip playlist to display correctly and I can't keep using this system if this doesn't get better very soon.

This reinforces my overall impression of Stream on Sharepoint: Half baked, half hearted, barely useable.

...and yes I am still furious about the "migration tool."
I'm not seeing the Playlist template from the Lists App in Teams. Teams Version (64-bit) updated on 6/28/23. Steps taken ... navigate to Team > Channel > Add Tab > Lists App. On Lists App page, the Templates shown do not match the same templates I see when I open Microsoft Lists from a browser. Playlist is missing. (Ironically, I do see 3 other templates in the Lists App that I don't see from a browser, so I guess something is not syncing up correctly?)
It also shows the owner and it is hard to get other fields on the card without advanced JSON formatting.