Microsoft Stream Admins (not Sharepoint admins)

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For security reasons we have always kept video files in a separate system from our documentation. We have been using Microsoft Stream since it was migrated from Office 365 video and have a large number of videos belonging to several groups with in our organization. Our events team has always managed video recordings. This team does not consist of Sharepoint or Onedrive admins therefore will no longer be able to manage our videos after migrating to Microsoft Stream on Sharepoint. Our organization also does not wish to store video with other documents nor do we wish to task  SharePoint admins with video management. Is it possible to either stay on Stream Classic or keep our current media storage structure and administration?

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@Anthony Robinson  - No Stream (Classic) will start it's 6 month and 1 year count down until no new videos can be uploaded to it and when it fully retires in Q1 of CY2023 (likely around February). (


Take a watch of our Ignite video where we try and address some of your concerns and give you the reasoning why we are heading in this direction:


You don't need to make your Event team SP/OneDrive admins. They may need to be site owners for a few SharePoint sites where you want to store your live events that are available to the entire organization. They can upload/manage the videos in those few SP sites directly on behalf of the organization. 


There are likely already many videos being stored in your user's OneDrive and SharePoint sites even if you've not said it's the "correct" way to do it. With our switch to Stream (on SharePoint) we are making video playback great directly from the place ALL other files are stored. And adding much more flexibility in how you manage, govern, and feature videos. 


If you want to see ideas on how to feature videos in SP sites/pages see this:


If you want to see an end user guide on how to think about Stream (on SP) vs Classic see this article:

Marc, thank you for your response. Can the current Video Group and Channel structure be converted to SharePoint Sites? Currently it is against our compliance regulations for end users to store videos on their local or OneDrive folders therefore we would need to maintain the same rules going forward.