Links to STREAM on SharePoint video behave differently depending on mail app

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Hi All, Two questions

  1. Do you experience the same thing in your tenant on iOs devices?
  2. Anyone got a recommendation on least worst link to educate users to use?

The problem:

links to stream videos don't have same outcome for iOs device users.

Depending on, the link to a stream video sent via email  AND  the mail client used on the iOs device the user experience is different !!! 


Testing done:

I created an email in outlook for web that contained 3 links to a Stream on SharePoint video.


Then I opened that email on an iPhone 7 ios device (iOs 15.7.4). I confirmed issue existed on iPhone 11 too.


Our users use both Apple Mail app and Microsoft Outlook app. 

AND they have a different experience depending on which mail client they use when the click on the links in the email.
Mail - No version
Outlook - V4.2309.4


Link 1 - click video in SharePoint library, copy the url
- mail app, opens browser window, video is displayed in some type of Video player in sharepoint
- outlook app, within outlook , outlook opens a stream type app then begins to download the entire video prior to playing. If video is big (500mb) the progress bar finishes and a "Couldn't load file" message is displayed.


Link 2 - use the copy link button (people with existing access)
- mail app, opens onedrive with video player and streams the video
- outlook app, within outlook opens stream type app. I then tries to download video. If video is big (500mb) the progress bar finishes and a "Couldn't load file" message is displayed.

Link 3 - open in stream and copy URL from address bar
- mail app, opens browser window, stream player
- outloook app, opens browser window, stream player


Work around

The only option I've found that works for all recipients of the email which links to a video is:

Tell / Teach my users to open the video in Stream, then copy the actual URL (don't use the share > copy link option). Then use that copied URL as the link in their email out to staff.


@Marc Mroz  please help me / my users and others understand this one. To my mind in this case the "Copy link" option should just work for everyone no matter what device and or mail client they're using to begin their journey. Just like it does for other files.

@MarkVideo is this similar to the issue you described earlier this month? 
Can't play Sharepoint or Stream video links on iPhone - Microsoft Community Hub

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I have the same issue - We record a lot of Teams meetings and share the links to the recordings in mail - several of my colleagues have reported the "Could not load file" error when clicking on the link. This is hopefully fixed soon - in the meantime I'll educate my users to copy the link from Stream instead. Thanks for the workaround though :)