How to record audio from browser tab in Microsoft Stream recording?

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Is there a way to record the audio from a browser tab in a Microsoft Streams recording?


In my Microsoft Stream recording, I would like to include audio from a video playing in a browser tab that will be displayed on screen. Currently, Microsoft Streams does not capture the audio from the video in the screen recording.

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I just checked out both Stream and Clipchamp. Neither is going to do that. Neither program will take an audio input other than from a microphone. However. . . if you have an external microphone and your speakers are playing the audio. . . if your microphone picks up the audio it should get captured in the video.

Otherwise. . . you need to start a Teams meeting, share your desktop and be sure to toggle on "Include computer sound" at the top of the Share menu and record the meeting. That will create an MP4 that will include any sound playing on your computer.