Embedding Stream Videos (SharePoint) into Microsoft Teams

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I'm looking to integrate Microsoft Stream videos into my Microsoft Teams group, allowing members to watch without the option to download. Currently, I've set the videos to 'Restricted View' via SharePoint, but this has led to a situation where members can't view the videos directly in Teams -- they need to visit Stream through a shared link, which unfortunately enables them to share the content with non-group members. If I give direct access for in-app viewing in Teams, it seems I must also permit downloading, which isn't ideal. Could someone assist me in resolving this issue?

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@AndyCheung are the videos stored in the same SP site that backs the Team? So everybody has edit rights to all the files for the Team including the videos? But you don’t want the videos to be editable or downloadable by the Team but other files it’s fine?


Setting up a separate folder or library with Restricted View is the right way if my assumptions above are correct. But I don’t quite understand yet why that’s not working for you to play them directly in Teams. Can you share some screenshots and more details on your setup and what experience happens instead? I’m sure we can find a way around it. 

@Marc Mroz 


No, the videos are migrated from Stream classics, and are now stored in the folder "Stream Migrated Videos" in my OneDrive. I clicked the shared button and granted the direct access ("can view") (no option to "block download") right to my Teams group, but this will allow members to download my videos. Therefore, I clicked the advanced setting link, which directs me to the sharepoint and I set "Restricted view" via "Edit User Permissions" which leads to the status "Direct Access: can view but can't download". However, the members not only can't download the video, but they can't watch the video directly from the Teams group.

@AndyCheung - Sorry for my delay in responding. Have you figured out what you need to do? From that screen shot and your further details it sounds like you granted access to the videos to the Teams teams/group correctly. But the videos are in your OneDrive so the only way someone is going to be able to see them is if you give them a link to them. The act of granting permissions is just access it doesn't make the videos show up in the Team. This is the same way all files in M365 work. Either the files are uploaded to a Team or site and show up there in the documents / files list or they are in your OneDrive and only accessible via links. 


Do you want to move/copy the videos into the Team? So they show in the files tab in Teams? 


Or you could make either a Playlist or a SharePoint page that points at the video files in your OneDrive, then you could add that SharePoint page or MS List playlist as a tab in your Team. 

@Marc Mroz Thank you for your reply. I have solved the problem finally by putting all the required videos to the sharepoint folder supporting the specific Teams group.