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I am new to Stream (on SharePoint) after making the jump from Stream Classic.


Myself and my team share videos within our organisation on our Learning Management System (LMS).

Example below:



Because the link allows for this video to be embedded, it automatically adds its as a viewable video in our LMS. 

Example below where the following link allows for embed calls:


There is no need to add the &embed tag at the end and because its been shared with the whole organisation and published, it means it's viewable by everyone who has permission.

Example of current settings in Stream Classic




Fast forwarding to Stream on SharePoint, I was shocked that a lot of the features seem to be missing and I am struggling to get the file to embed and shared with the whole organisation, which is a simple easy solution like it was in Stream classic. Whilst I get the whole security side of SharePoint will allow for files to be more secure, it does seem very different and would appreciate if anyone has a solution. 


One way of potentially sorting this would be to have a SharePoint site which is accessible by everyone; but realistically means duplicating files, which otherwise could be managed by a system like stream.


The reason for using stream in our LMS to enable us to have both autotranscription and forms that popup in the videos.


Thanks for reviewing and look forward to your responses


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Hi JPerryman88,

Did you find a way to make Stream a reliable source for video content embedded into your LMS? I'm exploring the possibility of using Stream as well to host video content used in our LMS and also as an external quick reference resource, but your experience is discouraging. Hoping to hear if you could make it work. Thanks.

@TrevorHunt I created a folder in SharePoint which was shared with the whole organisation.

I then used the embed code 



I then grabbed the URL section after the src=" until I got to &embed



that worked for me but was an absolute pain in comparison to the old Stream feature

@JPerryman88 Thank you for that fast and informative reply. I will try it out soon and test on my LMS.
NP, hopefully your LMS allows for embedded links.
We have the same need for this. I know that you can create a URL which share with Anyone - not requiring a sign-in, but you can't generate an embed code for this type of share. We've just moved from Panopto to Stream and are finding so many limitations. It's caused us to move most of our content to YouTube...

@rozhall the following worked for me:

  1. create a folder in your SharePoint site, which you are happy with everyone to access (I called mine LMS Videos)
  2. Right click on the folder and select manage access
  3. Select Groups
  4. Press manage access (icon with a person and +)


  5. Type in a group that applies to all of your users (if in doubt speak to IT as there is usually a azure group which you can select). We have 'all users' which I use
  6. Untick notify people and click grant access


When you go to the video, using the embed code now works (see my post above) but you need to cut certain bits off.

Hope that works for you

@JPerryman88 Thanks for the information. I have the new sharing UI which doesn't allow unticking to stop all participants from receiving an email, which is a shame. May still be worth doing this as a one-off as our academics seem to ignore their emails anyway...