Embed SharePoint Video on External Sites


Is it possible to embed a Stream on SharePoint video on an external/public site?


The technique described in this article, of updating the embed code with a link you set to public, did not work for me:


The embed code I got was very different from the one in the article. 

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The article is a couple years old so doesn't reflect the recent new feature for Embed for videos stored in SharePoint/OneDrive.

For an external site use case, for sure the "anyone with the link" would need to be set on the video - or otherwise it won't work. Assuming "anyone with the link" is available. I know that gets disabled at the tenant level in many orgs.
Hi Kevin,

The "Anyone with the link" option is available. I've tried updating the embed code with it, but to no avail.
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We don't support anyone public anonymous embed codes for videos. (Not sure if that old workaround works for other file types?) We only support direct anyone links.
o.k. Thanks for clarifying. (I was looking for a very quick video sharing option for our support staff and word press blogs)
Hi Marc. Will support for embed codes for videos to public or external users be possible in the future?
Is it because of security that it is not possible to use embed codes public?

@Martin_Richter_Olsen - We may add this in the future, but I don't have a timeline or roadmap item.


Supporting public anonymous embed codes has various cost and security implications we'd need to work through if we were to add this feature. 

We were hoping to use Stream on SharePoint as a source for videos on Intranet & LMS (Not MS based) but we need to be able to embed videos to only people accessing trough the LMS for example. Can be users without a M365 license.

Is there a MS solution for that scenario today?
The only M365 solution is to use an anyone link but no solution for embed.

Or you'd have to build your own solution on something like Azure Media Services.
Ah I see! Thank you!